7 November - Final Report  published 

6 September - Third Newsletter sent out

4 September -  Draft Final Report  published  

9 August -  Final Interim Technical Report   published  

4 July -  Ecorys attends EESC meeting 

14 June -  TSIA workshop Tbilisi   was held  

8 May - Second Newsletter sent out 

27 April - Draft Interim Technical Report published online  

17 April - Final Inception Report published online  

26 March - Questionnaire for Georgian stakeholders  

16 February - Public meeting EU 

13 February - First Newsletter sent out 

6 February - Draft Inception Report published online

Welcome to the Trade SIA Study FTA EU Georgia PDF Print E-mail

The European Union and  Georgia are in the process of negotiating a new Association Agreement replacing the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. In July 2010 the European Commission launched negotiations with Georgia on the non-trade parts of the Association Agreement. In December 2011, the EU announced that it will launch negotiations on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), underpinned by regulatory approximation leading to convergence with EU laws and standards.In order to assess the economic, social, human rights and environmental impacts of this DCFTA, a consortium of Ecorys and Case was asked to carry out a Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment. This study will be implemented over the course of 2012 and completed at the latest by October 2012. All important information concerning the project can be found on this website.

Simultaneously with this study, a trade SIA is carried out for the DCFTA between the EU and the Republic of Moldova, for which negotiations are also launched. Both studies are part of one single project. Information on the Trade SIA for the Republic of Moldova is available here.